Sexual orientation & discriminationn

Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation can take several forms - from blatant abusive behaviour (1 in 3 gay men and 1 in 4 lesbians have experienced violent attacks) to more subtle forms that may go unnoticed by many.

Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a crime under current Scottish Law.

Some examples of discrimination include:

  1. Refusing to employ someone because of their sexual orientation. A case recently heard how a gay man was ‘advised’ not to follow a career in pediatrics – based on the belief that gay men are a risk to vulnerable groups. This is at odds with all evidence, which clearly shows that sexual orientation does not influence the likelihood of carrying out sexual abuse or a sexual assault.
  2. Refusing accommodation. A recent survey showed that 70% of people living in rural areas of Scotland supported the right to refuse holiday accommodation on the grounds of sexual orientation.
What is sexual orientation discrimination? - a short film by the Equality & Human Rights Commission
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