How we are addressing race issues

'A Fairer NHSGGC 2016-20' explains how the organisation is meeting the requirements of equality legislation. This includes demonstrating how we will assess the impact of the measures we have put in place to ensure race equality for service users and staff.

Areas of work include:

Interpreting service

Interpreting services address a number of risks for both service users and staff. For example, patients who have a limited understanding of English:

  • may not be able to give informed consent
  • may not be able to ask questions or seek assistance
  • may not be aware of what services are available to them
  • may not be able to use medication properly or follow care plans
  • may come from cultures with different understandings of health and illness
  • may not understand how to use NHS services
  • may not understand their rights and responsibilities within the healthcare system

Ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to engage in the health care process benefits all concerned.In addition, equalities legislation stipulates that the organisation must be pro-active in ensuring that this is the case.

NHSGGC's in-house interpreting service provides interpreters to NHS patients on request. The service is available to a wide range of service areas and departments, including hospital wards, outpatient clinics, medical practices, dental surgeries,pharmacies and opticians located throughout the NHSGGC area.

'Clear to All' Accessible Information Policy

Effective information and communication are vital for the provision of high-quality services and care. Many of those who access services have difficulty understanding the information provided. An Accessible Information Policy has been produced to ensure that all information can be made available in various languages and formats to meet the needs of our diverse community.

A toolkit for staff has been developed which helps to provide information and support in the development of accessible information for NHS patients, their carers and the public. The toolkit aims to ensure that the material we develop is clear, consistent with NHSGGC guidance, accurate and in everyday language.

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